What is Campers On Mission?

Iowa Campers on Mission (COM) is a group of Christians that meet each year to grow the Lord’s Kingdom by providing no-cost labor to churches and Christian organizations throughout Iowa. We meet on dates that work with the churches and when the weather allows us to use our campers. Our goal is to enable small churches to prepare their buildings to reach their communities. We make repairs to the building by painting, cleaning, putting up drywall, replacing broken glass, etc. We bring our tools that will be needed for the projects and the church provides the paint and other materials needed. The Lord has blessed each of us with many different talents and gifts to service our brothers and sisters. You do not need to be an expert carpenter, just willing to answer His call to serve others.

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What Can Campers on Mission Do For My Church?

Iowa COM does repairs to churches.  The church provides the material and allows us to park our campers at your church.  Let us know if your church needs help. We enjoy serving the Lord and helping small churches.

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