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Who We Are

Campers on Mission (COM) is a national fellowship of evangelical Christian campers who look for opportunities to share their faith and love of Jesus Christ through their participation in mission activities while camping.

COMers share Christ as we go on travels across the United States, assisting churches, church planters and associations in a variety of mission projects to help reach the local communities with the gospel of Christ.

COMers are “on mission” Christians, sharing Christ through word and deed as we go.

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National COM Rally
A national Campers On Mission rally is held annually where COMers from all 50 states come together to enjoy worship, prayer, workshops and to fellowship with one another.

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What is Iowa Campers on Mission?

Iowa Campers on Mission (COM) is a group of Christians that meet each year to grow the Lord’s Kingdom by providing no-cost labor to churches and Christian organizations throughout Iowa.  We meet on dates that work with the churches and when the weather allows us to use our campers.  Our goal is to enable small churches to prepare their buildings to reach their communities.  We make repairs to the building by painting, cleaning, putting up drywall, replacing broken glass, etc.  We bring our tools that will be needed for the projects and the church provides the paint and other materials needed.  The Lord has blessed each of us with many different talents and gifts to service our brothers and sisters.  You do not need to be an expert carpenter, just willing to answer His call to serve others.  

Do I need a camper?

No.  You could sleep in the church or in a tent.  You could commute If you live close enough to the rally.  Churches provide electricity and water for the campers when possible.  There is no charge for COM to come and we provide a love offering to help the church pay for the utilities.  

Who can join?

Any believer in Jesus who has a heartfelt desire to help spread the Good News of Jesus through fellowship, worship and labor.

When does Iowa COM usually go out?

We usually start the year on Monday after Mother’s Day and end the year the first full week after Labor Day.  We normally stay five days unless the work is done in fewer days.  We are available on other dates that meet both the church and COM schedules.  The number of times we go out each year depends on how many times we are called.  If you can only help on part of the days that is also ok.

What does the church need to provide?

The church provides material, paint etc. for the jobs to be completed.  The church also provides electricity for the camping units, a source of water, and access to a bathroom.  We provide the labor.  

Campers on Mission Logo

The COM logo was designed to provide opportunities to witness about our faith in Jesus Christ.  The design, a fish encircled by a compass star, promotes conversation.  The fish, an early Christian symbol, notes personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior.  The compass star symbolizes the expanse of God’s creation and reminds members that wherever they roam God is present.  The circle surrounding the design represents God’s eternal existence and bountiful love for all people.  The distinctive emblem allows members to easily identify one another so they can join together in Christian fellowship “as they go”. 

Campers on Mission is a national organization

There are chapters in most states.  This means that there are opportunities to serve all over the United States.  For more information go to CampersonMission.net.  

How do I join or make a request for work?

For more information about joining Iowa Campers on Mission or having COM provide work at your church please contact us at:

Rick Mott:  319-291-6805 or iowacampersonmission@gmail.com

Dave Short:  515-674-4696 or ddshort6@gmail.com

Click here to request work at your church.