Iowa Campers On Mission serves in Clinton

It was a great week at Calvary Baptist Church in Clinton, Iowa. There were 13 COM members present which included one couple from Illinois COM and one couple from Missouri COM. Iowa is very thankful for our neighboring states that help us.

Among the projects that were accomplished were the following:
1. Paint window frames above entrance doors and install a cross with lighting on the surface of the windows. (It looks awesome)
2. Power wash the siding on the east side of church and paint.
3. Power wash deck at parsonage and stain.
4. Power wash fence at parsonage and paint.
5. Power wash east end of the pavilion.
6. Clean inside of the pavilion.
7. Pour a cement slab at the east exit door and also at the south door from the kitchen.
8. Paint 4 exit doors.
9. Install door locks on interior classroom doors and blank plates on the exterior of the north entrance doors.
10. Reglaze several windows.
11. Build a garbage corral.
12. Landscape around church sign.
13. Remove shelving and well water system and organize the utility room.
14. Add ceiling light in the pastor’s office.
15. Other electrical work.

We thank the members of Calvary Baptist for a wonderful week of fellowship and food.

Iowa Campers on Mission has received several requests for help from small church congregations with limited funding. Could your church add COM to your budget? Let us know if you can help. All money would be given directly to a church & not to COM.

We would also like to share another need. Muscatine Baptist Chapel needs an electrician to look at an electrical problem. If your the person that God has shared that talent with then please call Rich Payne @ 563-264-0464.

Trinity Baptist in Lyndon ILL needs drywalling in their basement. Please contact Pastor Alan Jahn @ 515-975-0320.

Call us if you have any questions or would like to join Iowa Campers On Mission.

Denny Davis at 515-729-9983
Bev Davis at 515-729-9982 or