Iowa COM serves at Calvary Baptist Church for Fall Rally

For our Fall Rally we went to Calvary Baptist Church in Clinton, Iowa. Twelve members from Iowa COM and four members from Illinois COM worked together to accomplish the task that needed to be done. Thank you Illinois for your help, you’re an awesome group to work with. We also was helped by the members of Calvary who ran errands for material, cooked a meal for us each day, and sang and prayed with us. A children’s program was presented on Saturday before we started our work week on Monday. Thank you Pastor Woodie for inviting us.

The following is some of the work that was done:
A spotlight for the cross on the front of the church.
Installed two attic fans.
Checked and repaired exterior lighting.
Changed many outlets in the church.
Checked outlets at parsonage.
Trimmed trees at parsonage.
Installed a faucet at parsonage.
Adjusted doors in parsonage.
Replaced 32″ door with 36″ door in fellowship hall.
Replaced broken glass in many windows.
Painted parking lot guards, basketball poles, and roof support poles outside.
Painted sanctuary ceiling and walls.
Painted men’s and women’s bathrooms and added decorations and word phrases to walls.
Attended a song service at a seniors living facility.
Repositioned cross in baptistry.
Replaced outside outlets for campers.
Helped with some outside bush removal.

There may have been more but we had a full week.

We are looking forward to the BCI Annual Meeting on Nov. 1-2 where Campers on Mission will have a display table and people to answer any questions you have.

Remember we are here to serve you. If you have any questions please call
Denny Davis @ 515-729-9983
Dave Short @ 515-674-4696